Today is April 25th but this entry is for April 24th since i pretty much slept right through today. Yesterday night I went out with a couple of friends from school, Augusto, Janine and Sabrina! We at first were supposed to meet up at 79NM building at 8PM and take a cab to Kelly’s Mission Rock for a local party. It takes girls much longer to get ready for an event and today was no different.

I was on the spot half hour before the meet-up time, but it took everyone another hour to finally get there. Oh and Janine decided to come at the last minute apparently.. so that was the excuse. Moving along, we got to the club right before 9pm just in time for a $15 entrance fee, it goes up to $20 after 9pm. Then the night began. I was very awake and sober despite going against all odds, I was sober, awake and enjoying the fun. I then decided to take a shot of beer, and everything changed from then on. Everything I had put in my body for night’s entertainment, was not exploding in my brain, causing me to feel numb below my waste, dance like there’s no tomorrow and hug everyone nearby; jumping screaming, spinning, watching lightshows, doing light shows, security guards, girls with cute dresses on, girls in bikini’s, girls in almost nothing on except for bright lime green neon lights around their necks and curvy hips etc.


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