Homeless Hunt

Today was a pretty boring day; I woke up tired, body still aching… Nobody likes Monday’s and I’m on the same page. I decided not to take any classes on Monday’s this semester to prevent absences in class as much as possible. After all the weekends can get wild in many unexpected ways, and that’s the beauty of freedom.

It was late afternoon that my roommate Levan arrived at the apartment from his class and we had to drive around the city, filming homeless people at their best. While driving around the city, we first got lost and could not find the Tenderloins district of San Francisco, where to date there are record number of homeless living. In fact, we got so lost that we went all the way to the Mission District, which is mainly considered a Hispanic area, where surprisingly there were not much homeless. That’s a good thing I think. It would take me taking over the wheel as I was filming at first and Levan was driving; to find the way out of the area and find our way downtown, where finally we made it to the Tenderloin district and filmed some impressive shots.

It was then off to the editing table where I imported the project to Final Cut Pro 7 and started editing it until the sun had set. Even though final cut decided to be difficult that day and export the wrong cuts, I had my way around it as always and got it to work spot on.  That was all of my day, pretty plain and simple… Sometimes I’m not even sure why I’m keeping this journal. I know I like to write random ideas, poems, stories, quotes etc. But this, I have never done before, and if I’m being honest, I kind of like it. It’s nice to share my thoughts and daily experiences with someone who can never respond or help. I hate being helped, not the actual result but the whole idea of someone helping me out just freaks me out. It’s been this way as long as I remember and at this point I can’t do much about it. It’s just who I am. Simply crazy; just like you.


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