Directing My Life

Street noises during morning hours in my neighborhood are never at ease on weekdays. There are usually protests going on outside my building, construction workers on the road, homeless yelling random shit, and so on. And don’t be fooled, this is the most expensive downtown area in the bay. But this morning it was the pain in my neck that woke me up. I had my head twisted in a very inhuman way that I can’t really describe. Moving on…

Shower, fixing up the house (at this point I have this disorder where I like everything neat and in its spot), and I’m out the door down 23 stories to Starbuck’s finest coffee to start the day off right. Then into the school shuttle at 79NM campus and off at Townsend campus stop only a minute late to my Directing Actors class with Phillip Chidel who by the way is one of the best teachers that I’ve had. He is just so informative and smart. We think alike and I really enjoy his class. So for most of this semester now, Philip is having us bring in actors and play out our scenes based on his teachings, and today wasn’t any different. A few of my classmate’s actors were late and would be for another hour or so. And that only left us one thing to do; watch random scenes from random movies in Phil’s computer bag. This time it happened to be the 2009 best animation winner ‘UP’ by Pixar, up on the projector. We watched and discussed a few topics and finally the actors arrived. They did their scene and I think they nailed it! Phil went over some very important tips from directing as a career.

It’s all plain and simple, do your job. Which means; be on time, have backup always, trust your intuition, keep the set under your control, do not let the cast & crew get under your skin and most importantly answer your calls with the phrase “talk to me.” I made that last one up. I saw someone do it and it was so cool, I had to mention it. So all that experience, got me thinking on my way back to the apartment. I usually walk from school; it’s about 1.5 miles and takes me 20 minutes. I was thinking about how much responsibility I actually signed up for when I decided to become a Film Director. But I guys if I look at the past, I’ve always chosen unusual and hard things to work with, and I will master this business like no one else.


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