Oddly Lucid Dreams

Last night I had a lucid dream followed by a regular one after I finally fell asleep. During my lucid dream, I was fully awake and just had closed my eyes. All of the sudden I could hear a few men speaking to each other in a language that I could not recognize but if I had to sum it up, it would be an alien speaking some sort of Spanish dialect. They had a very soothing tone to their voices. In my lucid dream, I wanted to yell something to make them go away, because I was surprise to why they were standing right by my window. But, no matter how much I tried I could not speak a word. I was paralyzed. The voices got closer and closer to me until they were finally right next to the right side of my bed. So close that I could have easily hit them with my hand. And that is exactly what I tried doing, but I was paralyzed. I tried much harder but could only move my hand a few inches, at which point the voices went away. I opened my eyes and there was nothing there. Considering the fact that I had just closed my eyes and was not asleep, this was a very frightening experience for me. Recently, I have had a few lucid dreams for the first time in my life. These experiences can be very hard to think about because you are not asleep at all, yet something happens right in front of you. For example about two weeks ago, I opened my eyes to find a gentleman looking right at me in my sleep. With a blink of an eye, he was gone.

Finally after two hours of not being able to sleep after that incident, I finally fell asleep around 6am. The dream that I had then, was very frightening. It began with me and my family on a grayhound bus, my older brother Lasha was very upset about something and he was being calmed by my mother and other siblings. As other passengers’ started to take board, Lasha confronted a black male who was bothered by Lasha’s behavior. Soon enough, he pulled out a knife, and mostly everyone got involved in calming the two down at that moment. Soon after, another black male who now became a part of the issue and was very upset about the behavior on the bus, had a gun in his hand and was threatening to kill someone. But who he would end up killing was to be decided by the passengers. After hearing a few speeches and people trying to make him reconsider his plan, I stood up and said a speech that I cannot remember word by word, but it basically summed up how we as humans don’t get along.

My speech was often interrupted by another male who kept questioning my statements. During my speech I remember looking over at the gunman to see his reaction. He was stiff and motionless. After I finished my speech, the gunman stood up, went over to the male that was questioning my thoughts and as he was sitting down, he shot him twice in the head from above. The bus went into panic mode, I had mixed feelings in my head now, I was feeling sorry for the killed, but at the same time I knew that me and my family were safe again. Everyone quickly started to get off the bus, and we scattered all around. I remember running and my mom was falling behind, so I lifted her in my hands with all my strengths and kept going. At one point the gunman passed us while we were running, looking at him ahead of us, all I wished was for him to get lost and not turn around. I remember how he felt surrounded and turned around and started heading towards us. I felt terrified because I was afraid that he might kill us now. As he got closer and closer, everything faded into pure white color and I woke up.


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