Social Angst & Common Thoughts

The amount of violence in the world scares me. It scares me to a point where I want to find a safe place to go to and hide along with my loved ones. The only problem is that I’d like to keep everyone who is worthy of being safe, safe with me there. To make things worse, I have no idea as to how I would allocate those who I’d consider safe and vilify the rest. How do I go by judging a man? By his attitude or physical appearance? Or by some superstition? I have no power in me, I don’t think anyone does. If God has this power, all hail that being for being so brave. I do understand however, that what it really comes down to is love. Yes, it strikes again, as it always has and always will. It is me loving others; even those who I haven’t met in person and trusting that good exists in all men. I try to ignore the truth that the man kind is also prone to being extremely violent and evil. And so,  I love, And believe, that there are others out there who also love. For love is the only thing to bring us together and fight against evil which kneels before the doors of death, praying for the very last of us to walk through its gates.


And so, here I am preaching love. If only it was that easy to get the attention of a distracted man’s mind—but it isn’t. I am forced to relay this transparent message of love onto something more relatable and common which a simple man’s mind can grip onto. I am forced by default to bring people together by a common law, an understanding and belief, all for the sake of making them love appreciate one another. Just like the spur of any religion, a mastermind must take the lead. And if history tells us anything, it is that all religious prophets have used the same blueprint for accomplish a similar goal.  And though I am no Jesus, Mohammed or Buddha, it is exactly what I’m trying to do. To try and make it all work, try to fix the problem and provide justice to the human condition here on earth. Sounds crazy, and it is., but by the end of this sentence, nothing that I’ve mentioned in the beginning scares me anymore.

The only thing scaring me now is knowing how few of us who’ve ever walked this earth actually tried to make their agenda come to life. I love more than what it takes to dislike another being for their beliefs and so I can comfortably state here that I am a proud Christian for this very reason. I believe in Jesus Christ the Son of God. For he was the Son of God, and only he had the courage and the knowledge. The story goes on, the pages keep flipping, I keep getting older and store more memories that my mind won’t be able to hold someday. Until then, I will sit here a simple man and try to love at first hand, every chance I get.


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